Recreational music

Discover the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument throughout life - especially as we age.

Benefits of recreational music making

  • Improves brain function
  • Improves physical coordination
  • Improves confidence
  • Improves quality of life
  • Produces feel good hormones – reduces stress
  • Achieve lifelong dreams
  • Make new friends

Collage of happy organ players

Recreational music can mean different things to different people

Different things

For some its making music the easiest way possible with maximum assistance.

For others its the challenge of playing all of the notes just as the composer intended.

For still others it’s exploring the technology and multitude of sound combinations to create something new.

Whatever your preference, we have the solution.

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Recreational Music Making with Ringway RS-760
Jim Hayden Ringway Intro
Hey Jude - The Beatles
In The Mood - Ringway RS-760

Ringway Organs

Easy to play and full of fun

Full of fun

Have you wished to be part of a jazz big-band, the conductor of a Latin ensemble or a symphony orchestra? Maybe rock and roll is your thing. The new Ringway models provide a huge range of options to make it as easy or as challenging as you like to make your kind of music.

The Ringway RS-760

The Ringway RS-760

The Ringway A-2000

The Ringway A-2000

Content Organs

Bringing Inspiration to Musicians and Listeners alike

Fulfil Your Dream

Compact in size and with sounds recorded from real pipe organs, Content models allow you to fulfil your dream of playing a pipe organ in your home. You’ll be able to play hymn tunes or classical repertoire with concert hall sound.

The Content Clavis 224

The Content Clavis 224

The Content Mondri 354

The Content Mondri 354

Allen Organs

The world's most famous digital organ builder

Ultimate in Quality

From the World’s most famous digital organ builder – the ultimate in quality. Recreate the sounds of a 1920s cinema or a massive cathedral.

The Allen TH317

The Allen TH317

The Allen Custom GX-450

The Allen Custom GX-450

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